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What is Knight Ridder?

  Knight Ridder was an American media company, specializing in newspaper and Internet publishing. Until it was bought by The McClatchy Company on June 27, 2006, it was th (MORE)

Who were the Knights Templar?

They were a small group and the first of Christian military knights. They served in the first crusade and when they were housed at the Temple Mount in 1118 they numbered only (MORE)

What were knights?

knights are warriors in armor who fight on horseback for the lord/king for a trade and he would have to be loyal to the king and in return would receive a house or money only (MORE)

What were knights important for?

Knights were basically warriors, their high training made them the best elite force to have on a battlefield in Europe. They were the most important component of a standard m (MORE)

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Who is the arkham knight?

The Arkham Knight is Jason Todd a former robin who was supposedly  dead and came back to kill Batman for leaving him with the Joker  unknown to Batman that he was even alive (MORE)

What are the traits of a knight?

They need to be courageous strong, loyal, knows how to use a sword, trained, can and will focus on battle, willpower, discipline, selflessness, personal honour, can do what he (MORE)
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Why can women be knights?

Knights were given their titles by kings or other nobles with the power to do so. There was usually no restriction on who could be a knight, except that there were rules for c (MORE)

Who is James knight?

There have been multiple James Knights: James L Knight (21 July 1909 Akron, Oh - 5 February 1991 Santa Monica, Ca) an American newspaper publisher and founder of the Knight (MORE)

Can a knight be captured by a knight?

Indeed they could, it was the accepted honorable way of making war, especially when the captured knight was a man of high standing. A knight who took a hostage could claim an (MORE)