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What was a knight?

A knight was the lowest rank of nobility in medieval europe. Knights were usually bound by a chivalric code in which they were asked to "Protect the weak, defenseless, helples (MORE)

What were knights?

knights are warriors in armor who fight on horseback for the lord/king for a trade and he would have to be loyal to the king and in return would receive a house or money only (MORE)

How do you get knighted?

The way a person becomes knighted is by honor and choice of the  Queen. She then goes through ceremonial knighting by having the  person kneel and tapping them on the should (MORE)

Who were the knights?

They were people that helped out the royal and fought against people and were paid to fight.  Knights are people in very heavy metal usually in movies with princess and drago (MORE)

How did the knights learn to become knights?

Knights started out as a page at the age of 7, his parents would send him off to a castle of another lord. He waited on hosts and learned court manners. He played chess to lea (MORE)

What did knights do to become knights?

A knight was a noble boy who went into knight training at 7 or 8 years old and became a page. At 13-14 years old he became a squire and finally at 21 he became a full knight. (MORE)

What did knights do?

They were land owners in the middle ages. Many peasants worked the knights' lands. They followed a code of Chivalry, but many strayed from the code, and were malicious. During (MORE)

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Can a knight be captured by a knight?

Indeed they could, it was the accepted honorable way of making war, especially when the captured knight was a man of high standing. A knight who took a hostage could claim an (MORE)