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Who sings casta diva on the Jean Paul Gaultier advert?

The opera singer is ANGELA GEORGHIU, soprano, born in 1965 in Romania. "Because I grew up in a country where there was no possibility of having an opinion, it makes me stronge (MORE)

Why was Jean Paul Marat assassinated?

Marat was killed by Charlotte Cordoy, who was a French Revolutionary in an aristocratic family. She killed Marat because she believed Marat is the one who caused the September (MORE)
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Does jean paul gaultier have kids?

  He is not married. There does not appear to be any references in any online biography of Jean Paul Gaultier that indicates he has, or has ever had, any girlfriends or ch (MORE)

Who was Jean-Paul Sartre?

A boy born on June 21, 1905. He attended and graduated from "École  Normale Supérieure" in 1829. He wrote various novels, and was a  Continental Philosopher. He was in WW2 (MORE)

Who was jean-paul marat and what was his significance?

Jean-Paul Marat was many things; he was a great philosopher who  helped to bring the French out of dark times. He was a radical  voice and journalist during the French Revol (MORE)
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What is Jean Paul Gaultier known for?

Jean Paul Gaultier is well known in the fashion industry. He is a French designer whose designs are so influential that they are an important factor in determining the latest (MORE)

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