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Why don't you ask Jeeves?

I don't ask Jeeves because he usually doesn't know. I like asking  here because at least there is more than one person answering the  questions. :)
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Ask Jeeves is rubbish?

yes ask jeeves is rubbish because it doesnt actually answer your questions just gives you a laod of websites. it only gives yoou an actual answer in it has already been asked (MORE)

Who was Jeeves?

  Reginald Jeeves is a fictional valet (in the stories and novels of P. G. Wodehouse).
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Who is Jeeves the guy from

Jeeves : a traditional English Butler   Jeeves probably isn't an actual person.   Apocrophically, in England, Jeeves was the name of a famous butler who served a large (MORE)

Is Ask Jeeves a search engine?

yes, it is..It Offers search for web sites, images, news, blogs, video, maps and directions, local search and shopping.
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Where is jeeves?

Jeeves is retired and cruising the seas he fake character but they made it seem like he retired when really took over Asked Jeeves ...ITS SAD ISNT IT:(
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How old is jeeves?

Ask Jeeves was a search engine and website founded in 1995. Now  Jeeves has retired and the website is simply called
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Why do people ask Jeeves?

Because they want to. It's quite clear why, too. is rubbish, simply terrible! Thanks,, for letting me answer these important questions. Now, whoever's (MORE)
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What does Ask Jeeves offer users?

Ask Jeeves is an answer-any-questions site. Users can pose questions and people will answer them. It will also search through previously answered questions and give the user a (MORE)