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Who is Jeeves the guy from

Jeeves : a traditional English Butler . Jeeves probably isn't an actual person.. Apocrophically, in England, Jeeves was the name of a famous butler who served a large, wea (MORE)

What happened to ask jeeves?

I'm pretty sure ask jeeves is still up except I think they have changed the name to instead, but this might be a completley different website.

Where is jeeves?

Jeeves is retired and cruising the seas he fake character but they made it seem like he retired when really took over Asked Jeeves ...ITS SAD ISNT IT:(

How old is jeeves?

Ask Jeeves was a search engine and website founded in 1995. NowJeeves has retired and the website is simply called
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Why is jeeves dead?

he was burnt to death by flamethrower then a sniper shot him in the head while he was revising the encyclopedia/encycopaedia to everything.
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Is jeeves real?

We do not know. Jeeves could be a real person he could have wanted to start his own question majigi

How do you Ask Jeeves?

You go on to your internet search engine and type in Ask Jeeves, and then all of the searches will come up and click on the first one. Now type in your question and presto, yo (MORE)