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Goldfish flakes and tropical flakes what's the difference?

Goldfish food is generally designed to contain less protein, and  more plant matter than generic Tropical Fish food. A Goldfish needs  more plant matter to help keep its gut (MORE)

What is a flake of hay?

A flake of hay is essentially a "slice" of a bale of hay. When a bale is made in the field by the baler, it's layered with about 10 - 13 "clumps" of hay, compressed, tied wit (MORE)

How were flakes created?

Flakes were created by hitting a stone in a particular way produced  a flake and they were similar to knives and when there chipped they  are sharp.

What are confectioners corn flakes?

Confectioners corn flakes | Available in coarse, medium and fine granulations. These very thin and light corn flakes are milled from yellow corn grits with no additives. Used (MORE)

What are corn flakes?

Corn flakes are flakes of corn. It is a breakfast cereal which is  widely popular over the world. It may have added vitamins and  minerals.
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What is glass flake?

Glass Flakes is a C glass platelet with thickness of 5 micron. it is made of 1200℃ melt glass marble, by blowing bubble cooling smashing filter milling and other processing (MORE)
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Who is running against Jeff flake?

Arizona businessman Wil Cardon is running against career politician Jeff Flake. Wil Cardon is a jobs creator, consistent conservative and political outsider. He's committed t (MORE)