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Where did the band Jefferson airplane get its name?

The folklore at the time was that a Jefferson Airplane was a type of improvised roach clip made from a paper match. You started at the base of the match and split it (pulled i (MORE)

How many songs did jefferson airplane play at Woodstock?

13. On August 16th (technically 17th) Jefferson Airplane took the stage at Woodstock for an hour and 40 minutes set. They played: The Other Side of This Life Somebody to Love (MORE)

Is it 'on the airplane' or 'in the airplane'?

This depends on what you're trying to say. "On the airplane" implies that something is literally on the outside of the airplane, such as the logo, paint, or something sitting (MORE)

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Are airplanes dangerous?

  Like any machine, airplanes can be extremely dangerous. However, when properly maintained and operated by trained personnel airplanes are much less dangerous than most o (MORE)

What are the parts airplanes have?

  The standard aircraft (lets say for the sake of simplicity a Cessna 172 SkyHawk) is   primarly a fuselage that contains an engine and propellor in the front, a cockpi (MORE)

The engine of an airplane does what?

The engine of an aircraft gives the aircraft power to create lift, either using wings (in the case of an airplane) or rotors (in the case of an helicopter) or both (in the cas (MORE)