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What brand of olive oil does ina garten use?

Her book Ina Garten Family Style mentions 9 ingredients you'll use over and over. Her favorite olive oil, Olio Santo extra-virgin is mentioned! You can order it directly from (MORE)

Which olive oil does Ina Garten use?

Judging from the bottle shape (and glances at the label design), I think she uses Olio Santo, out of California.
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How did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people?

With the victims that he ate, they were dismembered, the parts he was interested in were kept, some parts eaten immediately, some parts were put in the freezer for later. The (MORE)
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What is a jeffrey?

A jeffrey is effectively a drug Neapolitan. its a big spliff. its weed mainly, its got a bit of opium in it, heroin, crunched up E's, Clorox, methadone, subutex, morphine, pio (MORE)
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Is jeffrey really a drug?

No. It is purely fictional and many of the drugs mentioned in the movie (Get him to the Greek) cannot be smoked. I disagree. Not sure if it's really called Jeffrey but it does (MORE)

What equipment does Ina Garten use?

  For the smaller prep bowls, I believe she uses the 10-piece set which can be purchased from Williams Sonoma or Crate and Barrel. However, I haven't been able to find the (MORE)

When was Jeffrey Dahmer in Galveston TX?

I could find no information on Dahmer in Galveston. Maybe you mean his trip to Hollywood, Florida. The year was 1981, the same time that six year old Adam Walsh was abducted f (MORE)