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What were the charges in Jena?

the charges in jena were attemptive murder,when it should've been assault by a gang or somethin. I,m not sayin that this has anything 2 do wit race, but why did other inciden (MORE)

Who is Sripati Jena?

Sripati Jena is a legend, a vibrant youth leader, a firebrand  orator and an intellectual who died in an accident in Bhubaneswar  on 28th September. Sripati was a very popul (MORE)

What did Napoleon do in the battle of Jena?

He displayed great flexibility on the battlefield and changed his plan of attack to meet the needs of the moment. When Marshall Ney's VI th Corps got into trouble because of a (MORE)

What is a jena rifle scope?

Jena was a line of scopes and binoculars manufactured by Zeiss which is one of the best optics manufacturers in the world. Some of the Jena line was manufactured before WWII. (MORE)

Where is Jena Sims?

Jena Sims calls Hollywood, California her home. However, Jena runsa non-profit organization that hosts beauty pageants for childrenwith cancer and other disadvantages called t (MORE)
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Where is the city Jena located?

The name "Jena" may be used for multiple cities, but the main one is located within Germany. It is a University city located in the German state of Thuringia.
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