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Who is Lem in the book Tex?

Lem is a friend of Mason who tex describes as someone that has been around as long as he can remember. He moved to the city with his wife after they got married because their (MORE)

Marty Robbins wrote Tonight Carman. What is the meaning behind the lyrics and WHO is Carman?

The song was written about Waylon Jennings. Jessie Colter (Waylon's wife), was talking to some friends of theirs (Waylon's and Jessie's) about the improper life style of Waylo (MORE)

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a water-proofing material, a chemically inert form of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, or Teflon). Gore-tex is one of the most versatile waterproofing lamin (MORE)
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How tall is Big Tex?

Big Tex is 52 feet tall. (16 meters) He stands at the entrance of Fair Park and greets fairgoers going to the State Fair of Texas.
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Where does Bobby Jenks live?

Bobby Jenks AKA (Big Bobby Jenks) lives in Hindsdale,IL. He lives in a private lot and has a baseball field in his neighborhood. He is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. His (MORE)

What is the height of gospel artist carman licciardello?

Carmelo Domenic Licciardello is a very tall man. However, his exact  height has not been released to the public. He was, however, born  on January 19th, 1956.
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What nationality did the last name carman come from?

I cant tell you much but my family (being a Carman myself) originated from Duetschland and Romania. On the family crest it says England. Also my parents tell me that my name m (MORE)

Is Carman on Facebook?

I found a lot of facebook pages using Facebook Search service without logging in, which is listed below. Try to add some more criterias for the search, like surname, location, (MORE)

Who is Freelancer Tex?

She is of the main characters in the web original series called "Red vs. Blue." It's a hilarious, if foul-mouthed machinima show vaguely based on the universe of the Halo vide (MORE)