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What is Jeremiah 33.3?

  Call to me, and I shall answer you and readily tell you great and incomprehensible things that you have not known.'"
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Who was Jeremiah Lexer?

Jeremiah Lexer (June 6, 1826 - July 5, 1902), was a  19th-century East Tennessee plantation owner who, along with  Hezekiah Hamblen, was a key factor in establishing Hamblen (MORE)

Who did Jeremiah minister to?

Yirmiyah (Jeremiah) prophesied to the people of Judah and their King Zedekiah a few decades before the First Destruction.
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Who is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah is a famous prophet , who wrote the book of Jeremiah and also Lamentations, he is also called the weeping prophet.
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Why was Jeremiah hated?

Jeremiah was a mix of two things people have a tough time putting up with: a Doomsday Predictor and an Advocate for Harsh Changes. Doomsday Predictor: Jeremiah went on and on (MORE)

Is Jeremiah wright a free mason?

It's very likely that he is connected with freemasons or another secret society (there are thousands we don't even have names for) connected with the Illuminati. The reason I (MORE)

Why was the Jeremiah written?

The book of Jeremiah was written to warn the Jews that god would punish them if they did not repent and change their ways.So they were taken as slaves to Babylon.
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