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What happened in Jericho?

The city walls came down after Joshua and the armies of Israelmarched around them for seven days and on the seventh day, inobedience to God's word, blew the trumpet and shoute (MORE)

What is the story of Jericho?

It's the story of how the Israelites -after having been lead out of slavery in Egypt by Moses, and after having wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, finally entered the pr (MORE)

Meaning of Jericho?

Most resources indicate that the name Jericho means Moon God or a place of fragrance. It may also mean "in it's month" drawn from the idea of the menses caused by the pull of (MORE)

What was the battle of Jericho?

The Battle of Jericho is narrated in Joshua chapter 6. However, some modern Biblical Scholars and Archeologists have concluded that the Battle of Jericho did not happen. "W (MORE)
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How big was Jericho?

Within the upper wall was an area of approximately six acres, whilethe total area of the upper city and fortification system was 50%larger, or about nine acres. Based on the a (MORE)

What does Chris Jericho do?

He actually is a former wrestler, part of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) - which is split into two, Smackdown and RAW, Chris Jericho is part of RAW. jericho is now back (MORE)

Were there giants in Jericho?

A: When the spies returned and issued their report to Moses, they said that the land was 'flowing with milk and honey', but that the inhabitants were giants and and their cit (MORE)