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Why are boys jerks?

Guys are jerks because they don't have any respect for women. They will always hit on your best friend, even if they swear up & down that they didn't. They will blame her. The ( Full Answer )
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What is jerk?

A spasmodic, usually involuntary, muscular movement, as the reflex action of pulling the hand away from a flame.
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How do you be a jerk?

Be mean im giving good advice do pranks do somthin! I got a prank for you pore a gallon of water on your sister or brothers bed before bedtime and watch them scream!
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What rhymes with jerks?

lurks, forks, perks, works, murks, corks, pokes, brokes, perks lurks magnesium *last one was a joke* put letters in front of erks and you got it...
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Why is your dad such a jerk?

Answer 4: Even jerks can grow up and have kids. Answer 3: Most jerks are jerks just some of the time. It is hard to be a jerk all of the time. Try to catch him in a nonjerk ( Full Answer )
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How To Do The Jerk?

Join a local dance class or academy. Choose a course that most closely resembles the type of dance you wish to learn.
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Are Marines jerks?

"No, they aren't! If you think they are, you're crazy! 'Cause they're cool and they defend us well!" The above was posted by another user. To answer your question: The idea ( Full Answer )
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What is jerk in tagalog?

It is associated with different definitions depending on use, they are the following: "haltak", "biglang takbo", "bumaltak", "umudlot", "umalug-alog", "sibad", "kalog", "maudl ( Full Answer )
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Why is Sheamus such a jerk?

sheamus is such a jerk because he or she wants to be on top and show out and he or she is tired of being on the bottom of everything they do.
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What do you do if your friend is a jerk?

Maybe try to talk to him/she and if he/she keeps ignoring you tell a friend to ask why he/she is being a jerk is it because you ate the last Whooper? Or you tried asking him/s ( Full Answer )