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Why did Saint Jerome become a saint?

Saint Jerome became a saint because of his love for God. He had a  bad temper but was a holy man who lived part of his life in the  desert, serving penance, teaching people (MORE)
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What was the reason St. Jerome was canonized?

St. Jerome is most known for having translated the Bible from  Hebrew to a type of Latin that regular people would have been able  to understand in the third century A.D. He (MORE)
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Who is Father Jerome Bertram?

Father Jerome Bertram was ordained as a Catholic Priest at Arundel Cathedral, West Sussex. He is the youngest of three brothers brought up by his parents in the village of Big (MORE)

Is Jerome Bruner a Christian?

I don't think Jerome Bruner is a Christian, because he never mentioned in his book his religion. Even if he was, in my opinion, it has no influence on his brilliant work in ps (MORE)
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Information regarding 'a fishy story' a humorous story by jerome k jerome?

The humour in this story is how all the people come in the parlour  and try to fool Jerome and George about how they caught the trout.  Each of them gave differnt weights fo (MORE)

Summary of A Fishy Story by jerome k jerome?

Note this article contains spoilers. Please do not continue to read if you would like a good laugh after reading this story. A Fishy Story is actually an entertaining piece t (MORE)

Why do paintings of Saint Jerome have lions in it?

"...he is shown with a lion, from whose paw, according to legend, he once drew a thorn. Actually this story was transferred to him from the tradition of St. Gerasimus, but a l (MORE)

When was St Jerome canonized?

  There is no specific date for his canonization. It appears to have been shortly after his death on September 30, 420. He is one of the few Fathers who appear to have rec (MORE)
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Who is Jerome Murat?

Jerome Murat is a French mime, famous for his "Living Statue" act.  He has toured all around the world on just the performance. It is  the only act he does involving him, a (MORE)