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Where do you send the 1099 misc copy 1 for state of New Jersey?

Just called NJ, they said, (if you did not withhold anything) and paid over $1000 than you have to send them along with a copy of the federal form 1096 to: State of New Jerse (MORE)

What is the difference between an authentic baseball jersey and a replica jersey?

Authentic jerseys are made exactly like the ones the players wear, including sewn on numbers and names on the back (where applicable). Authentic jerseys are sold in numeric si (MORE)
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What is the difference between an authentic soccer jersey and a replica jersey?

Most people tend to get confused over Authentic Jersey = Genuine and Replica Jersey = Fakes. Not true. Authentic jerseys are the identical article (material, cut and fitti (MORE)

Is there an Old Jersey if there is a New Jersey?

Yes, but it's not called Old Jersey, it's just called "Jersey."   The "old" Jersey is a Channel Island between England and France.  When England took possession of the Du (MORE)

How many Michigan wolverines have worn football jersey No. 1?

The most coveted jersey number in Michigan football lure, the #1 has been worn by a total of 12 players during the 130-year history of the program. Three-time All-American Ant (MORE)

What country is jersey in?

  Jersey is one of the Channel Islands that lie off the coast of France. It is NOT part of the United Kingdom, or infact part of any county, like Guernsey it is a self go (MORE)

Is C2C jersey com a good place to get a jersey?

I've ordered from there many times, service has always been fast and safe , would recommend. i ordered on dec 1st....still waiting for a tracking #. horrible customer servic (MORE)

What is a jersey in cycling?

I take it your talking about the jersey system used in some races to denote achievement or position in the race.   In close to all professional and some amateur cycling (MORE)