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Why was Jesus in Jerusalem?

Please see previous answers on this. Jesus was in Jerusalem because he always desired it: See John 23.37 & Luke 13.34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, (MORE)
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What was the Jerusalem UFO?

The Jerusalem UFO refers to an event allgedly captured by a series  of videos which went viral in 2011. The videos purport to show a  brightly lit unidentified flying object (MORE)

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Where is Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is located in Israel and/or Palestine, which are  countries in the Middle East.    There is much discussion concerning Jerusalem's proper legal nature  and (MORE)

How do you spell Jerusalem?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Jerusalem, a holy city in the Middle East.
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What is a cricket?

a cricket is a insect which makes a unique noise and cricket is also an international game too. they are also arthropods, and they are omnivores
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What is in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is one of the best attraction points  for tourists in Israel. There are so many places to visit and so  many things to do. And there is a company called Mantis Tou (MORE)
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What did Jerusalem have to do with the crusades?

Jerusalem was the Holy City of Christendom, the reacquisition of which was the purpose of the Pope's authorizing the Crusades against the Moslems. Control over Jerusalem and b (MORE)

Is Jerusalem a nation?

No, it's not a nation. Jerusalem is a beautiful city in Jerusalem,Israel. Located at a 31.77 latitude and 35.22 longitudes, it issituated at elevation 786 meters above sea lev (MORE)

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