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What is a Helms Bakery truck?

I grew up in Lakewood, California where the Helms Bakery in Culver City used to have yellow paneled bakery trucks go to various Los Angeles neighborhoods daily & toot a whistl (MORE)

How do you use the word helm in a sentence?

Steady the helm to stay our course, young man.    The helm swung wildly in the raging storm, swinging the bow from  port to starboard and back again with terrifying gr (MORE)

Was Jesse Helms ever a Democrat?

Jesse Helms began as a "Dixiecrat", a southern Democrat that pushed  forward a racist agenda. When the Democratic Party changed focus  and became more liberall, Dixiecrats l (MORE)
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Who did ed helms marry?

As of 2013, Ed Helms is an actor and comedian that was born on January 24, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. As of July 2013, the actor Ed Helms is not married.
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What is the helm on board a boat?

The helm on a boat refers to the location of the steering gear, and  the steering gear, itself.
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