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Who is Jesse valo?

  Jesse Valo is the younger brother of Finnish singer Ville Hermanni Valo. Alo known as ville Valo , of the band HIM. Jesse used to do Thai boxing but now he is a musician (MORE)

Is ed helms really missing a tooth?

Ed Helms is indeed missing a tooth. One of his teeth never grew in, so in lieu of a tooth, there is a permanent implant that he has had since he was 16. They had tried differe (MORE)

Who is Jesse Golden?

She was a Victoria Secret model. Grew up dancing in her Moms Chicago studio, she is professionally trained in ballet. She is one of the faces of Leg Avenue costumes. Commercia (MORE)

Who is Jesse perring?

The god of League of Legends. He currently works as customer support for League of Legends. One does not simply compare Jesse Perring to Chuck Norris. Lore: - When Jes (MORE)

Was Jesse Helms ever a Democrat?

Jesse Helms began as a "Dixiecrat", a southern Democrat that pushed  forward a racist agenda. When the Democratic Party changed focus  and became more liberall, Dixiecrats l (MORE)

What is the helm on board a boat?

The helm on a boat refers to the location of the steering gear, and  the steering gear, itself.
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