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How did mike ballard and Jesse dupree meet?

Mike Ballard and Jesse Dupree met in the town that they both  resided in. After meeting, they become best friends and opened a  business together.
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How many kids does Jesse James have?

Jesse James has three children...Jesse James Jr. (born 1999),Chandler James (born 1997), and Sunny James (born 2004). Jesse Jr. and Chandler were born to Karla James and Sunny (MORE)

When was Jesse James Killed?

  Jesse James was killed on April 3rd, 1882, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA, Aged 34 years old
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How tall is Jesse James?

According to reputable sources, motorcycle enthusiast Jesse G. James (born April 19, 1969) is just under 6 ft 1 inch in height (6' ¾" or about 185 cm). he is not under 6' 1" (MORE)
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Was Jesse dupree in a band called pg13?

  Yes, Jesse Dupree was in a band called PG-13 prior to joining Jackyl. The guitarist for PG-13 went on to play for Mother's Finest in one of their later line-ups.
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Is Jessie James dupree a minister?

Yes he is He actually married one of the employees of full throttle and his wife on one episode

What did Jesse James do?

he was a robber who robbed trains,robbed banks,and shot a whole lot of people and in 1882 a missouri man by the name of robert ford shot jesse while trying to straigten a pict (MORE)

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