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Do they still make baders shortbread cookies?

apparently not. For what I read the owner sold his business long ago. He had another bakery and kept baking those cookies but for what I read after a while he shut down the bu (MORE)

What is correct pronunciation of bader - sir Douglas?

The name is pronounced as in Barder, not Bayder (as read). Being as famous as he was there are several references to Sir Douglas Bader that can evidence the pronounciation as (MORE)

What political party is Ruth bader ginsburg in?

Technically, Supreme Court Justices aren't allowed to be "in" a political party. That said, she was nominated by and confirmed under democratic president Bill Clinton, and she (MORE)

Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg (born March 15, 1933) is an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. She was appointed by Democratic President Bill Clinton. She is the second fem (MORE)

What did Douglas Bader do?

He was a famed double amputee from an air crash (one leg below knee, one above knee), who became an ace fighter pilot, strategist and wing commander in the Royal Air Force in (MORE)

Who was Douglas Bader?

Douglas Bader was a pilot who lost both his legs in a flying accident in the 1930's. He taught himself to walk again with artificial legs and when World War 2 started, he mana (MORE)

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Is bader a word in English?

Bader is not a listed word in my Merriam-Weber, BUT They do list: bad·der, bad·dest slang a: good great b: tough mean and bad·ness n >>>>> PLZ note that it's slang! (MORE)