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Who is Jesse valo?

  Jesse Valo is the younger brother of Finnish singer Ville Hermanni Valo. Alo known as ville Valo , of the band HIM. Jesse used to do Thai boxing but now he is a musician (MORE)

Where does the surname Ventura come from?

The proud and noble Italian surname of Ventura comes from the  Italian language-word "bonaventura", meaning "good luck" or "good  fortune". Earliest records are to be found (MORE)

What happened with Tom in Ventura in The Great Gatsby?

Tom wrecked into a wagon and ripped one of the front wheels off of his car. He had one of the maids of the Santa Barbara Hotel riding with him in his car. This implies that To (MORE)

What city in Mexico does Jesse Ventura live?

He lives close to Cabo San Lucas, on the Baja California Peninsula  (East Cape, BCS) .H
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Does Jesse Ventura have a wife?

Yes, he does. Theresa Karson Masters aka Tery ventura. Wed in 1976. Together, they have two children. Tyrell born 1980 and a handicapped daughter, Jade born in 1984. What exac (MORE)