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Who are the Jesuits?

Members of the the Society of Jesus are known as Jesuits Society of Jesus is a Christian religious order of the RomanCatholic Church at the service of the universal Church. ( Full Answer )
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Why were jesuits created?

They were founded by St Ignatius Loyola. They are a highlydisciplined group who were able to be deployed by the Pope whereverthey were needed.
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Where are the Jesuits today?

At the link below is a map of the world with a list of the various Jesuit headquarters worldwide.
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Was Jesuits a monk?

No, the Jesuits are not a monastic Order, they are a preaching,teaching Order of men.
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Are Jews Jesuits?

No, Jews were formed when Moses led the descendants of Abraham outof Egypt to form the nation of Israel (According to Biblicalchronology, the Exodus took place in the 890th ye ( Full Answer )
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Who are the jesuits and anabaptists?

Anabaptist - A member of a radical movement of the 16th-centuryReformation that viewed baptism solely as an external witness to abeliever's conscious profession of faith, reje ( Full Answer )
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Was Pascal a Jesuit?

No, Pascal was not a Jesuit, he was a layman and not a part of any religious order.
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What did Jesuits vow to do?

The Jesuits take the normal vows of poverty, chastity andobedience. They also make a fourth vow of special obedience to thePope.
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What were the characteristics of the Jesuits?

They were extremely well educated, they had a well developedspirituality and were fiercely loyal to the Pope and to Our BlessedLord, Jesus Christ.
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Who were the jesuits and what did they do?

Catholic Answer The Jesuits were and still are the largest order in the CatholicChurch. They consist of priests, men studying for the priesthood,and brothers. Historically th ( Full Answer )