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How often are jet engines replaced?

  Almost never.   Jet engines on aircraft are usually overhauled rather than being replaced.   Each model of engine has specific requirements to be inspected at regu (MORE)

Where are jet engines located on a jet?

Most civil aircraft have their jets either under-wing or in the tail or on the side of the tail. Most cargo aircraft and bombers have the same configuration. The B-2 has engin (MORE)

How do plasma jet engines work?

in tanks there is highly compressed hydrogen, at the valve a tube runs outward. the tube is lined with super conducting magnets. Simple as that! realease the hydrogen and it (MORE)

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Is a turbojet engine the same as a jet engine?

Nothing, the are the same thing. Jet is just the shorter way of saying it. However, there is a difference between a turbofan and turbojet. A turbofan has a large fan at the f (MORE)

Can you use avgas in a jet engine?

NO, you cannot. Avgas is high octane gasoline or petrol. - Avtur, as used in jets has a much lower octane rating. - - - - - There is a jet fuel called JP-4, which the milita (MORE)