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Did Jethro Tull band support the Beatles on a tour for 18 weeks in the 1960s?

  Jethro Tull did not support the Beatles on tour in the 1960s. The Beatles played their last concert, in San Fransisco on August 29, 1966 and Jethro Tull were not formed (MORE)

What is definition of Jethro Tull?

You cannot have a definition of a name, and Jethro Tull is a name for two things: 1. An inventor in the early 18th century, who invented the seed drill. 2. A rock band most po (MORE)

What did jethro tull invent?

He invented the seed drill, a device which enables farmers to sow seeds in rows. The rock band was named for him.
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Did Jethro Tull release an album about Buddhism?

Jethro Tull have released many albums over the years, and songs dealing with a great many subjects, but I do not believe any of them could be said to be relating to, or extoll (MORE)

Where does the name Jethro Tull come from?

The band Jethro Tull was formed in England in 1967. It was founded  by front man Ian Anderson who gave the band its distinctive sound  through his flute playing. The band wa (MORE)

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