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When did Jews become Jews in the Bible?

 Answer    The first instance of Israelites of all tribes being referred to as  Jews in the Tanach (Jewish Bible), is in the Book of  Esther.     Answer: (MORE)
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Do you have to be born a Jew to become a Jew?

No. Anyone is welcome to join the Jewish family. Formal conversion is necessary, and this can take from 1 to 6 years of study before going before a beit din (religious court (MORE)

Do Jews marry non-Jews?

They're not supposed to, because it can endanger the future of  Judaism. Christians and Moslems (and others) also, agree that  people should marry within their own religion. (MORE)
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Why do Jews fast?

Jews fast multiple times a year for various reasons: On Yom Kipour the Jews fast because it says so in the Bible ( It's the day o (MORE)

Is a Torah Jew an Orthodox Jew?

It depends on how the term is meant. "Torah Jews" can mean more  than one thing.    If the definition is: Those who live the laws of the Torah (which  is the way the (MORE)
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Why are Jews liars?

Answer 1   While there could be people who are Jewish could be liars that  doesn't mean all of them are perfect. There are a lot of people out  there who are "liars" and (MORE)
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Why did non-Jews turn on Jews?

Among non-Jews, it is essentially Christians who have a history of persecuting Jews. Edward Gibbon (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) says that in spite of repeated in (MORE)
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How the Jews act?

People are individuals they do not collectivly act the same way just because they are part of the same religion. Jews live in many different countries, I have known jews who a (MORE)
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How do Sephardi Jews differ from Jews?

Sephardi Jews differ from the more common Ashkenazi Jews in that  they are the descendants of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula up  until the Spanish Inquisition and the Arab (MORE)

How can a Jew and a non-Jew get married?

It's difficult, because of the different beliefs and customs. Joint  ceremonies are the best way to go to avoid major conflicts, but not  all Reform rabbis will perform inte (MORE)