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What is a description of the Jewish diaspora?

The dispersion of Jews throughout the world. The Jews being forced to migrate away from Jerusalem . The forced migration of Jews 1) Around 2600 years ago, the Assyrians for (MORE)

What was the cause of the Jewish Diaspora?

The immediate cause of the dispersal of the Jewish people was thedestruction of their Temple and their exile by their conquerors,the Romans. The Romans' destruction of the Anc (MORE)

How long has the Jewish diaspora existed?

The total destruction of the Southern Kingdom in 587/6 BC can be considered as the start of the diaspora. The Northern Kingdom had already been scattered in 720 but we cannot (MORE)

What was the Jewish diaspora?

The Jewish diaspora is the English term used to  describe the Galut גלות, or 'exile' that encompassed several forced  expulsions of israelites from what is now the stat (MORE)

How would you describe the Jewish Diaspora?

The Jewish Religion was persecuted by others by the end of the Crusades the Jews were move into "Ghettos" and Kings would build walls thats how bad they didn't like them and t (MORE)

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What is the meaning of Jewish Diaspora?

Jewish Diaspora refers to when the Jewish people were exiled to Babylonia and then separated from the Kingdom of Juddah. This occured in the sixth century. The separation of t (MORE)
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What was the impact of the Jewish Diaspora?

The diaspora (scattering) was difficult for us because of theimpediment to communication between the various communities;because certain mitzvot (such as those related to agri (MORE)