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How were Jewish people persecuted in history?

Jews have been historically persecuted through the following methods with examples in parenthesis: Severe Restrictions in Occupational Choices (Most of Europe in the Middle A (MORE)

What is the history of the Jewish Bible?

Broadly speaking, the history contained in the Jewish Bibledescribes how the Israelites began and tells of their relationshipwith God. The prophetic books were written in the (MORE)

What is the history of Jewish payis?

פֵּאָוֹת‎ as they are known in Hebrew (English payot, payos, peyot or peyes) are the sidelocks often grown by Orthodox Jewish men. The name comes from pe'ah, meaning (MORE)

Why is Jacob important to Jewish history?

He was the grandson of Abraham. He was the third and last of the patriarchs who founded Judaism: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was Jacob who fathered and raised the Twelve Trib (MORE)

What is the history of Jewish people in Europe?

Before answering, it is important to note how overbroad and general this question is. People have written books on Jewish history that within them cover just a few days (like (MORE)

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Why is it so hard to distinguish Jewish history from Jewish faith?

Answer 1 Because throughout the history of Judaism there have been many rebellions and groups that branched off like the Hellenists and the Bar'yonim (a group of hotheaded pe (MORE)

Who were the Essenes in the Jewish history?

The Essenes in the Jewish history refer to Second Temple Judaism.  They lived in various cities but abstained from all pleasures. They  also live in large numbers.    (MORE)