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Who is Legion in The Bible?

Legion, also known as the Gadarene demon, or translated as Lots, is a demon found in the Christian Bible in Mark 5:9 and Luke 8:30. A parallel version of the story can be foun (MORE)

What is the foreign legion?

The French Foriegn Legion was a French military unit made up of volunteers. This unit allowed any foriegner to join and it became a way for many criminals to escape their coun (MORE)
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What was the Roman Legion?

A Roman Legion during the Empire era consisted of roughly 5,000 men at full strength, though they were only rarely at this level. Legionaries had very effective weapons and ar (MORE)

What is the Legion of Mary?

  The Legion of Mary is a Catholic Action group that consists of volunteer lay members of the Church supervised by a priest chaplain in order to provide the acts of spirit (MORE)
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Who or what are Legion and Belial?

They are both demons. Legion was/were referred to in the Bible in possession of a man that Jesus came across. He cast him/them out of this man. Belial is one supposedly one of (MORE)

What were the roman''legions''?

The Roman legions were the equivalent of the regiments or the divisions of the modern army. An army corp had a number of centuries. A legion had 10 cohorts and 59 centuries.Th (MORE)

Who were the legion?

The legions were army corps. An whole army had several legions. The legions were made up of 9 cohorts. Cohorts 2 to 10 had 6 centuries (centuria) with 80 men. The 1st cohort h (MORE)

Why did the Roman legions sent to defeat the Jewish rebels in Masada take so long to do so?

1) Masada is located in a difficult, desert environment. 2) Masada  is located on top of a high, steep slope. 3) The Jews fought back  as long as they were able.    S (MORE)