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How Jewish is Noah on a scale of 1 - 10?

Answer: zero Noah was not Jewish. On a scale of 1 - 10 the reading would be 0. Noah was not Jewish. The word "Jew" in the Bible always refers to the lineage of Jacob, a gran (MORE)
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What is the Messianic Kingdom?

The Messianic Kingdom is the invisible kingdom or government which Jehovah God established to designate the manifestation of his sovereignty through his Son, Jesus Christ. The (MORE)

What is the Messianic secret?

A:The 'messianic secret' refers in Mark's Gospel to the repeated instructions of Jesus to his followers, those he healed, and sometimes even to demons, not to tell others abou (MORE)

What is messianic?

Jewish answer: There is a Christian Evangelical Cult whose members call themselves Messianic 'Jews'. They claim to be 'Jewish' and they state that 'real Jews worship Jesus'. (MORE)
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What is Messianic faith?

Messianic Jews believe that Jesus, or more appropriately Yeshua or  Yoheshua, is the messiah promised to them in the Bible. The  difference between Christians and Messianic (MORE)

What do messianic guys like in girls?

Well, I am a "messianic guy" and I know from experience, and depending on what age group you're talking about, this answer can vary. Me personally I like to see the dedication (MORE)

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