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What Vivek ji is trying to do?

  Vivek ji has started a new age movement , as per his approach to Religion and Spirituality , it is what he likes to talk , I am convinced he is controversial , but this (MORE)

What does ji means in Hindi?

Depends upon context. If placed at the end of a person's name (e.g. referring to someone named Prakash as Prakashji), it is a sign of respect or admiration. The class system (MORE)
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What is chon ji?

chon ji is a Korean taekwondo pattern whitch members need to do to get yellow belt.

What is ji?

Ji or ji may refer to:Ji (surname), including: Ji (surname 姬), the royal surname of the Zhou dynastyJi (surname 姞), the royal surname of the states of Southern Yan, Mixu, (MORE)
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Who was father of kabir das ji?

No father no mother beacause kàßir is supreme GOD No any children /  True Knowledge about Supreme God Kabir Sahib from our Holy  Scriptures i.e. Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gi (MORE)

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