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X factor - news - outrage as x factor contestant lies about cancer jibe?

X Factor - News - X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg is under high security with bodyguards after receiving a number of death threats at the new lavish hotel he's staying at, af (MORE)
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Is 'jibe' a word?

Yes. It means an insulting or mocking remark; a taunt 'Jibe' has more meanings than that: The nautical parlance (nomenclature) meaning is to turn away from the wind, performin (MORE)
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What is jibing?

I think you may mean Gybing, as opposed to Jibing. Gybing is when the back of a boat passes through the wind, and changes the angle at which the wind comes onto a boat. Gybe (MORE)
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Are 'coming about' and 'jibing' the same?

Actually, they are opposites in this regard: 'Coming about' is tacking while turning into the wind, whereas 'Jibing' is tacking while turning away from the wind.
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How do you spell jibe?

That is the correct spelling of the word "jibe." The word "jibe" is a sailing term related to the word jib . But the more common use as a noun is as a variant of gibe , a j (MORE)

What is the meaning of jibes?

1. Is in harmony or agrees with. "That jibes with my understanding of the situation." 2. In nautical terms, to shift from one side to another when running before the wind. (MORE)

Can you form a sentence with jibes?

I hope this corroborator's report jibes with the report we got lastweek from our man in Spain. In anything more than a light breeze, this sailboat tries to becomea submarine w (MORE)