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What is jicama?

JícamaAlternate names: Yam bean, Mexican yam bean, ahipa, saa got, Chinese potato, Mexican potato, Chinese turnip, Mexican turnip Characteristics: Pronounced "HEEK-ah-mah," (MORE)

Can guinea pigs eat jicama?

Based on my research, jicama is high in vitamin C, which guinea pigs need, and low in calcium, which is something that guinea pigs do not need. Therefore, if the guinea pig wi (MORE)
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How many calories in a jicama?

  1 cup of raw, sliced jicama is an excellent source of vitamin D (24 mg) and also contains:   Calories: 46 Protein: 0.86g Carbohydrate: 10.6g Total Fat: 0.11g (MORE)

Is jicama a fruit?

No, jicama is not classified as a fruit but a root vegetable. This  food is more commonly known as a Mexican yam or Mexican turnip.

What does jicama taste like?

It tastes sweet and crispy-like ;-) ....if you cook it right ^^ Many people eat it raw too, I don't ^^ - Hope this answered your question :-)
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Is jicama a lipid?

Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus), also known as Mexican turnip, is a vegetable. Lipids are basic compounds that build up many structures in living organisms. Jicama doesn't contain (MORE)

Is jicama a legume?

Jicama is considered a legume and is sometimes called a mexican turnup. Also known as Heekamah.
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Can jicama be eaten raw?

Jicama has a thin, light brown outer skin and white flesh. The best way to prepare jicama is to start off by peeling and discarding the outer skin. If the skin is too tough to (MORE)