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What is jicama?

Jícama Alternate names: Yam bean, Mexican yam bean, ahipa, saa got , Chinese potato, Mexican potato, Chinese turnip, Mexican turnip Characteristics: Pronounced " HEE (MORE)
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How much starch does Jicama have?

Jicama has almost no starch in it. A one ounce serving of rawjicama has only 1 gram of carbohydrate and 11 calories.
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Jicama fruit or potato?

Definitly Jicama fruit. they are sweet,juicy,and delicious! i love them! a potato is starchy and it falls apart easily!
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Is jicama a fruit?

No, jicama is not classified as a fruit but a root vegetable. Thisfood is more commonly known as a Mexican yam or Mexican turnip.
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Is jicama Mexican yam?

Yes, Jicama is the common name given to the Yam or Mexican Turnip ( Pachyrhizus erosus ).
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What is jicama good for?

Jicama is good for those wanting to add fiber to their diet. Italso has needed vitamins, and is low in calories.
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Is jicama a lipid?

Jicama ( Pachyrhizus erosus ), also known as Mexican turnip, is a vegetable. Lipids are basic compounds that build up many structures in living organisms. Jicama doesn't conta (MORE)
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What else can you use a Jicama for?

I had a delicious sandwich in San Diego with Jicama slices on it. The sandwich had smoked chicken, tomatoes and a chipotle pepper mayo on thick multigrain bread. The jicama ad (MORE)
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Is jicama a legume?

Jicama is considered a legume and is sometimes called a mexican turnup. Also known as Heekamah.
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Can jicama trigger a migraine?

Yes, Jicama may trigger Migraine in susceptible individuals. However, not all patients have the same triggers, and not all triggers will trigger a Migraine every time they ar (MORE)