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What is welding jig?

\n Answer \n. \nA welding jig is a device designed to allow something being welded to be held such that the intended shape is made and can be repeatedly made using the ji ( Full Answer )
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What is a jig?

The word jig can refer to a lively dance where people jump around.A jig is also a tool used in woodworking and metal work. The wordjig can be used as a noun or a verb.
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What is drill jig?

It's like a physical plan that you can put over an item to drill the hole in the exact same place, time after time.
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What is the advantage of a jig?

A `jig' is usually some type of device that's been assembled to aid in the construction of another piece of equipment where repetitive work is concerned for the purposes of ma ( Full Answer )
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What is a bending jig?

a tool used to adjust the shape of the object, e.g. perspex or acrylic, and holding it in place while it sets.
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What does a drilling jig do?

A drilling jig will allow you to drill identical holes in material time after time. If I am making holes in 2 or more sheets of wood or plastics, I almost always make a jig to ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of the Jig?

Although the only concrete documentation of the jig dates back to 16th century Ireland, it is widely accepted that the Celtics of 300 BC-700 AD are widely responsible for its ( Full Answer )
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What is jigging in galvanizing?

jigging is the name of the process of hanging items on a wire prior to suspending into molten zinc to galvanize the steel
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What is a drill jig?

A device to put repeat drill jobs in, so you will drill the same place each time.
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What is a flop jig?

its the fastener to a cam lever. this is what was thought to have snapped off in foul weather, resulting in the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald