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Who are the Jihadists?

Jihadists are those who are practicing Jihad. Jihad is of two types: . self Jihad (or oneself struggle and is called the greatest Jihad), and . military Jihad (or strugg ( Full Answer )
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What is the Jihadist motive?

The radical Islamist followers essentially believe that America is evil and must be destroyed. In their holy scripture, although it is now interpreted differently by most norm ( Full Answer )
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Do Jihadists give their lives for a cause?

Answer A Jihad is a struggle. there is lesser (war/violent) and greater jihad (inner struggle). so jihad in your case makes no sense in that it is not a body or entity to give ( Full Answer )
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What are Sunni Jihadists?

This is wildly open to individual interpretations, but the term Sunni Jihadist has come to mean by popular media use anyone who is an adherent of orthodox or Sunni Muslim beli ( Full Answer )
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How do Jihadists train?

Typically, they train in much the same way that traditionalmilitaries do, such as engaging in numerous exercises of physical endurance andlearning how to use complex weaponry ( Full Answer )
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What is the Jihadist movement?

It is a movement made of people who are not true Muslims, however, they are portrayed by much of the media as being part of Islam. They allegedly try to hurt and terrorize civ ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in American Jihadist - 2010?

The cast of American Jihadist - 2010 includes: Musa Abdul Raheem as himself Isa Abdullah Ali as himself Sanela Ali as herself Robert Baer as himself Ervin Blazevic as himself ( Full Answer )
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Who is a jihadist?

Answer 1 Jihadist is the person who struggles to obey God orders and striveto fulfill good career and to satisfy his/her family requirements.He/She is not the one who practic ( Full Answer )