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Does Callie kiss Jim on the glades season 1?

SPOILER Callie kissed Jim after he asked her, in frustration "What do you want?!" She grabbed him, they shared a super hot kiss, and she nearly ripped his shirt off. Then sh (MORE)

What is the gestation period for belted galloway cattle?

The gestation period for Belted Galloways is around 285 days long, give or take a few days.
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What is the use of belted galloway?

  The Belted Galloway's first recorded history indicates that they developed during the 16th Century in the former Galloway district of Scotland, a rugged and hilly seacoa (MORE)

Can you cross your Murray grey cows with a belted galloway bull?

Yes, since this will really put the emphasis on heterosis for MG-Galloway X calves. Belted Galloways are relatively the same size as MG's are, so the calves will come out nice (MORE)