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Was Jimmy Stewart a Christian?

When I was a young teenager I knew a man, Dr. Bach, who served as a  hospital chaplain. I asked him if he ever met any famous people  during his time in CA. He told me that (MORE)

Why did Jimmy Brooks get shot?

Rick shot Jimmy because Spinner and Jay implied in a conversation that Jimmy had rigged up the bucket of yellow paint and feathers that fell on Rick after his team won the tri (MORE)

What happened with Jimmy and Cindy on Jimmy Neutron?

jimmy and Cindy do not get together but they almost do. To be more specific if you watch the episode Lady Sings the News they are basically a couple by the end. It never may n (MORE)

Did they ever find Jimmy Hoffa?

No, Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982. Regarding whether they found his body, the answer is also no. It was rumored that he was part of the original base of Meadowlands (MORE)

Why is Jimmy a nickname for James?

it originates around the civil war era, when captain James cook was called "Jim" by his drunken first mate accidentally, and the nick name has stuck since. it may have origina (MORE)

Who is Jimmy Hendrix?

ummm.... Jimi Hendrix first off and He is the GOD OF ROCK AND IS AMAZING Just listen to purple haze or little wing
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Who sang Jimmy Jimmy coco pop?

The correct title of the song is, "Shimmy, Shimmy Coco Bop" by Little Anthony and the Imperials.
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How did jimmy neutron get his name?

Jimmy Neutron's name is believed to originate from the scientist who discovered the Neutron , James Chadwick . Jimmy's full name , James Isaac Neutron , is a reference to the (MORE)

Are Jimmy Rodgers songs copyrighted?

His original songs are protected, but some songs he performed (such as "In the Jailhouse Now") were popular before he recorded them, and of those some are early enough to be i (MORE)

Who is Jimmy Durante?

Jimmy Durante (1893-1980) was a very popular actor, singer,  comedian, and pianist. He was recognized for his extremely  distinctive voice. He had a successful career spanni (MORE)