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Why were vagabonds a problem?

Firstly, disease. The bubonic plague was not yet over so vagabonds could easily spread this as they travelled from village to village . Secondly, idleness was a problem for th (MORE)

Who was jimmy or James early?

Jimmy "Thunder" Early is a fictional character in the musical play and film "Dreamgirls," who is largely (though not entirely) based on James Brown. The role was originally pl (MORE)

Why is Jimmy a nickname for James?

it originates around the civil war era, when captain James cook was called "Jim" by his drunken first mate accidentally, and the nick name has stuck since. it may have origina (MORE)

Why was James Buchanan called ten cent jimmy?

James Buchanan had four nicknames during his presidency. Perhaps  the only one given to him in a derogatory light was the name  Ten-Cent Jimmy. This was in response to his c (MORE)

What is vagabond?

A vagabond is a traveller. It is a homeless person whom travels around, doing odd jobs when they can to make money. Sometimes they street preform, or busk.

Is there a vagabond Anime?

The Manga, Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, based on the life of Musashi Miyamoto and the Eiji Yoshikawa's novel Musashi? There isn't any current news as to whether they will tur (MORE)

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