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Does jimmy page have any children?

Yes, a daughter, Scarlet Page. He also has three more children, James Patrick Page III (born April 1988), Zofia Jade (born June 1997), and Ashen Josan (born January 1999). Sc (MORE)

Was Jimmy Page married?

Jimmy was not married to Charlotte Martin.  I met Jimmy and his assistant 4 March 1981, and spent several hours with them.  Also met Scarlett when she was only 9 years old a (MORE)

What strings does jimmy page use?

Ernie Ball Regulars I asked and they said ernie balls, he usually used .009 - .042 strings This is incorrect. Page used Ernie Ball Super Slinky 0 (MORE)

Where did jimmy page live?

  Did? He was raised in Middlesex, England as an only child. Then he lived on his boathouse on the Thames River. Then he lived in Aleister Crowley's old house, beside the (MORE)

Where did jimmy page go to school?

  I used to go to school with Jimmy Page, he was in the year above me in the Grammar Stream at what was known as Ewell Secondary Modern in Danetree Road, West Ewell, Surre (MORE)

When did Jimmy Pages Mother die?

Not sure. All I know is that she was still alive as of 2008, when  her son was 64, making her 80 years old as of then- there's no  reason to suppose that she ISN'T still ali (MORE)

What guitar picks does jimmy page use?

He can't use something heavy because its well known that he LOVES super slinkies and using a heavy pick on light strings makes the guitar sound smooth, and jimmy likes it dirt (MORE)
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What kind of a guitar did Jimmy Page play?

Jimmy Page is known as the guitarist for the rock band Led Zeppelin. Page has used numerous guitars throughout his career. Some examples include a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standar (MORE)