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What rhymes with jingle?

there are a few words i know that ryme with jingle such as mingle, tingle, dingle, single, and shingle.     mingle, shingle, single, dingle.
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How do you get Jingle work?

    I get jingle work by word of mouth advertising, cold calling, and connecting with   radio stations that need jingle work. Check out the jingles at:     h (MORE)

What is a jingle for Maryland?

(to the tune of "forget you" bye ceelow green) this is for when Maryland was founded and it was a 13 original colonies I see you walking round town in Maryland and I'm lik (MORE)
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What are math jingles?

Multiplying fractions is no problem top times top bottom times bottom.  Dividing fractions is easy as pie, flip the second fraction and multiply.  Your welcome!!!!! (: (MORE)