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Did elizabeth 1 look like anne Boleyn?

Supposedly she looked more like Henry VIII than Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth inherited the red hair and high coloring of the Tudor family. Anne was dark haired and dark eyed. Also (MORE)

Who was Jo Kleiman to Anne frank?

Jo Kleiman had been a friend and business associate of Otto's since 1923. He ran the day-to-day Opekta part of the business, Mr. Kugler being more caught up with the Pectakon (MORE)

What ever happened to Jo Ann Brody who appeared in the 1973 Altman movie The Long Goodbye and why is Helen Mirren credited when she was actually in the film the Long Good Friday?

I had the opportunity to meet Jo Ann several times in Holland Michigan in the late '80s. She and a friend, JoVay were involved in real estate and rented an apartment for me. S (MORE)

Did Queen Elizabeth 1 miss anne Boleyn?

Of course she did. Anne Boleyn was a beautiful, intelligent woman. Without Anne, Elizabeth wouldn't have been who she was. Anne was beheaded on May 19, 1536 for treason and ad (MORE)

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