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What nationality is Jose Baez?

Jose Baez,was born in Puerto Rico USA,therefore his nationality is American. Just because a person is born in Puerto Rico that does not change his nationality as American. Thi (MORE)

What was Joan of Arc put on trial for?

Joan had led the French to several military victories that had  seriously embarrassed and humiliated the British army and they  wanted her dead. As it would not have been pr (MORE)
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Who is Joan Baez involved with romantically now?

Joan Baez is not currently publicly involved with anyone right now. She has declared in her autobiography that she was "made to live alone." She has, in the past, been linked (MORE)

Was Joan of Arc a real person?

Yes, Joan of Arc was a real person. She was born in roughly 1412, and was burned at the stake in 1431. Records of her trial exist, and letters signed by her can be seen at a m (MORE)
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What was Joan of Arc parents occupation?

Joan of Arc's parents were peasants and later described as "Simple labourers, honest in their poverty, for they were of small means." There is some historical evidence to sugg (MORE)

What kind of person was Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc was a very religious peasant girl, who heard the voices of angels telling her to fight for France. She never swore and went to confession often, and required the s (MORE)

What made joan baez sick?

Joan Baez is not sick, but she does however suffer from intense  stage fright. She has sought therapy for it and has found ways to  cope with it.

What were the obstacles that Joan of Arc faced?

Her family was exceptionally poor She was (obviously) female, and females couldn't serve in the military of France so she had to hide this fact when she enlisted. Joan of Arc (MORE)

What were the characteristics of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc had tremendous courage, aided by the belief that she was doing the will of God. She was only 5 feet, two inches tall, but she was very strong and was an expert (MORE)