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Where does jodhpurs orignated?

Jodhpurs are named after the ancient city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan in North India where they originated and where polo was a popular royal pastime.
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What are jodhpurs made out of?

Jodhpurs (riding breeches) can be made of any durable fabric, but may have heavier material or leather on the inside of the knee to help hold onto the saddle.
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Why all houses are blue in jodhpur?

It is thought that Brahmins - members of the priestly class - first took to coloring their houses blue (yet perhaps it should really be called indigo) to signify their domicil (MORE)

Why do jockeys wear jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are the traditional dress for equestrian activities. They are made for the comfort of the rider with the extra room at the hips for unrestricted movement especially a (MORE)
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Is jodhpurs a place or a name of a person?

The noun jodhpurs is a thing named after a place. A pair of jodhpurs is a riding breeches cut full through the hips and close-fitting from knee to ankle and have reinforced (MORE)