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Are Helen hunt and jodie foster relatives?

Although Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt do look alike, they are not related in any way. Jodie Foster was born to Evelyn "Brandy" Ella (née Almond) and Lucius Fisher Foster III (MORE)

Reaction paper for nell by jodie foster?

One movie critic says of Nell as "a touching and thoughtful drama that explores complex issues associated with whether it is always right for 'civilized' people to decide what (MORE)

As a child what movie was Jodie Foster in?

Jodie Foster was in a lot of movies when she was a kid: 1. Foxes- 1980 2. Candleshoe- 1977 3. Casotto-1977 4. Moi, fleur bleue-1977 5. The Little Girl Who Lives Down (MORE)

What movies have jodie foster been in?

 )    2013/IElysium   Delacourt   2011Carnage   Penelope Longstreet   2011The Beaver   Meredith Black     2008Nim's Island   Alexandra Rove (MORE)

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