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Who is Boyd Travers?

Boyd Travers is the main character in "Medal of Honor: Airborne" --  he is a US Army corporal and a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and  17th Airborne during the course of (MORE)
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Me and joe or joe and I?

It depends on whether you and Joe are the subject or the object. In general, you would put Joe first and me or I second. If you leave Joe out, it will probably be easier to se (MORE)

What did Boyd Coddington die from?

a blood disorder killed Boyd Coddington my brother works in the hospital, this has not been disclosed yet as the coddingtons are taking legal action against the hospital as Bo (MORE)

What does Boyd Reno Nev mean on silver?

It is or was a company in Reno, Nv that made engraved sterling silver belt buckles, bolo ties and other western jewelry often with silver dollars or other silver coins embedde (MORE)

Why did Eric Clapton divorce with Pattie Boyd?

They had a very troubled marriage. He cheated on her a lot and was drunk or on drugs for almost their entire time together. He wasn't a very good husband in general. If you w (MORE)
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Who is Daniel Boyd barrett?

Audrey Kitching's boyfriend!
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