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Do cocker spaniels get along with other Cocker spaniels?

Yes. they should do :) They are a lovely breed of dog. The only aggressive Cocker spaniels I have met are golden cockers. But if you've had a cocker spaniel for many years, an (MORE)

Does joe cocker have a disease?

No. It's a common misperception about him. The movements are just his way of responding to the music. His way of "emoting" shall we say. It's pretty obvious(see Woodstock & (MORE)

Does joe cocker have children?

The Australian singer, Jarvis Cocker is no relation to Joe Cocker. Jarvis Cocker's father is a DJ named Mack Cocker. There has never been any mention of Joe Cocker and his w (MORE)
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Who is Joe Cocker?

Joe Cocker is a well known/famous English rock and blues singer. He is British born and he apparently is a Grammy award winner. He sounds very successful and talented. He was (MORE)