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Do cocker spaniels get along with other Cocker spaniels?

Yes. they should do :) They are a lovely breed of dog. The only aggressive Cocker spaniels I have met are golden cockers. But if you've had a cocker spaniel for many years, an (MORE)

Do cocker spaniels have long tails?

Most Cocker Spaniels have "docked" tails, meaning the puppy had most of it's tail cut off when it was under three days old. The natural, undocked tail of a Cocker is a long t (MORE)

Does joe cocker have a disease?

No. It's a common misperception about him. The movements are just his way of responding to the music. His way of "emoting" shall we say. It's pretty obvious(see Woodstock & (MORE)

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Does joe cocker have children?

The Australian singer, Jarvis Cocker is no relation to Joe Cocker. Jarvis Cocker's father is a DJ named Mack Cocker. There has never been any mention of Joe Cocker and his w (MORE)

Do cocker spaniels have tails?

yes they do, but now it has been banned to have their tails docked (cut very small at birth) so cocker spaniles have long tails now for their whole life
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What is Jarvis Cocker's relationship to joe cocker?

I understand that both are from Sheffield, England. Even when they arenĀ“t relatives, both families had some relationship and Joe take Jarvis in his arms when Jarvis was a kid (MORE)
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Who is Joe Cocker?

Joe Cocker is a well known/famous English rock and blues singer. He is British born and he apparently is a Grammy award winner. He sounds very successful and talented. He was (MORE)