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When Did Joe Louis Retire?

His last Professional fight took place October 26, 1951 against Rocky Marciano.   After facing Marciano, he would continue to tour on the exhibition circuit, with his la (MORE)
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When did joe Louis lose his title?

Louis announced his retirement on March 1, 1949, nine months after successfully defending his title for the 25th consecutive time. but came back in September 1950 for financia (MORE)

Can you rent joe Louis arena for a wedding?

Yes you can! The Joe Louis Arena Has three clubs. The Olympia, Manhattan and Legends Clubs are available for Wedding Receptions depending on the date. Keep in mind availabilit (MORE)

Joe Louis post stamp value?

This is a common US commemorative. If you want to buy just one it will probably cost you from 10 to 25 cents at a stamp store for a used one-- 25-40 cents for a mint copy (MORE)
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Did joe Louis beat marciano?

No Joe Louis did not beat Rocky Marciano, as Marciano was the first boxer to retire undefeated in the heavy weight class.
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