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What musical period did Johannes Brahms come from?

Johannes Brahms was a German composer of the Romantic period.   He can also be classified as the "classical" Romantic composer due to movements composed in Sonata Form, and (MORE)

When did Johann Sebastian Bach start to play music?

  From what can be found, he most likely started to play music at around age 10. After his parents died around 1694, Bach, being an orphan moved in with his oldest brother (MORE)

Who was Johannes Brahms' first music teacher?

His father was his very first musical teacher. But as Brahms' talent increased, his father realized he needed other instruction which his father secured with Friedrich Cossel (MORE)

Why is Johann Sebastian Bach important in music history?

He was arguably one of the most prominent figures of the Baroque period. Although he did not invent new forms, he enriched the prevailing German style with his adaptation of r (MORE)

What is Johann Sebastian Bach contribution to musics?

An easier question might be: what isn't his  contribution? For my money he was the greatest composer ever, or at  least in the period of common tonality since 1600. He wrote (MORE)

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