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Who is Johann Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press. This was  the machine that allowed books to first be printed. Indeed, it is  the forerunner of the modern printing (MORE)

What cartoons does Gilbert Gottfried do voices for?

Iago the Parrot in Return of Jafar , Berkeley Beetle in Tuumbelina , Art DeSalvo in Duckman , voices in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat , Mister Mxyzptlk in Superman: The A (MORE)

Does Gilbert gottfried know asl?

He knows sign language. He appeared on the 11th season of Celebrity  Apprentice speaking on behalf of the first deaf Oscar winning  actress Marlee Matlin. Gilbert Gottfried (MORE)
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What are some facts about Gottfried Leibniz?

Invented binary arithmeticInvented calculus in a different way that Sir Isaac Newton (or at least claimed he did)By age 12, he taught himself to read Latin easily, and began G (MORE)

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What was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's contribution to mathematics?

Leibniz is well known for his development of calculus independently of Isaac Newton. In the 20th century his Law of Continuity and Transcendental Law of Homogeneity were found (MORE)