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How many children did Johannes Kepler have?

Kepler was married twice. By his first wife, Barbara Mueller, he had five (5) children. The first two died in infancy. Susanna (b. 1602) married Kepler's assistant, Jakob Bart (MORE)
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When and where did Johannes Kepler die?

Johannes Kepler, who was the first to explain planetary motion correctly, was born on December 27, 1571 and died November 15, 1630 in Regensberg, Germany after an illness. He (MORE)

How many kids Johannes Kepler have?

Johannes Kepler and his first wife, Barbara Mueller, had 5 children. The first two died in infancy. Johannes and his second wife Susanna Ruettinger, had 6 children. The first (MORE)

Why was Johannes Kepler famous?

Beacuse he perfected the heliocentric model.   Johannes Kepler became famous because he was the first person to therorize that the planets moved in an elliptical pattern.
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Who was Johannes Kepler?

Johannes Kepler is an mathematician an astronomer and an astrologer he also created keplers law Good, thanks for asking. -Ol' Johannes