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How old is John Anderson?

John David Anderson (country musician) is 62 years old (birthdate: December 13, 1954). John Anderson (ESPN, Wipeout) is 51 years old (birthdate May 13, 1965). John Anderson (MORE)
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Where do Zoologist live?

Where a zoologist lives will depend on how they are studying  animals. Those who are studying animals in a laboratory can live  almost anywhere. Those who are studying anima (MORE)
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What does a zoologist do?

A zoologist is a person that has a degree in biology and life  science so they can study animals in the oceans, deserts, rain  forests, grasslands and other places where the (MORE)

Who is a zoologist?

they are a person who has a degree in biology or zoology. it is a life science on animals. it is all about living things it could be about cells mammals fish any thing living. (MORE)
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Where to you have to study to be a zoologist?

Depending what type of zoologist you want to be. There are several specialties of zoologists. Research zoologists work mainly in laboratories while conducting experiments on a (MORE)

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