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Where did the surname of Bradshaw originate?

The Bradshaw surname originates in Britain. The mighty Anglo-Saxon  tribes, who ruled all of Britain during the most ancient of times,  assigned what have come to be known a (MORE)
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Where is the Bradshaw ranch in sedona AZ?

Its south of Loy canyon off Red Canyon Road 10.01 miles west of  Sedona, coordinates for google earth are Latitude 34°54'42.01"N  Longitude 111°55'43.13"W

Is John Bradshaw layfield rich?

Yes he is rich because of his occupations, JBL does stocks which some could say he is advanced in, he is also a wrestler that makes more than $250,000.   April 2009   P (MORE)

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How fast did Ahmad Bradshaw run the 40 yard dash?

  He ran a 4.55 at the combine... but WOW does he look so much faster than that on the field!
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How old was Terry Bradshaw in his last game?

  Terry Bradshaw played his final game on December 10, 1983 against the New York Jets. He was born September 2, 1948 making him 35 years old.
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