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Why are the Chicago Bulls called the bulls?

Up until the 1970s, the city of Chicago had what was called "the stockyards". These were slaughter houses, located on the south side of town, where cattle were brought in by r (MORE)
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Can anyone explain the meaning of the title The Jack Bull a 1999 movie starring John Cusack?

The title is derived from the names of two dog breeds -- Jack Russel and Bulldog. John Cusack's character is said to have the tenacity of a Jack Russel and strength of a bulld (MORE)

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Does red bull have bull urine in it?

No. This is an urban legend. Red Bull energy drink contains taurine, a sulphuric acid. This acid was first isolated from a bull's bile in 1827 by German scientists. This is th (MORE)
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Do the bulls die after the run of the bulls?

Yes, always. But before killing them with a sword, they are punished with a long lance held by a man riding a horse ("picador") and with 6 small lances that get attached to bu (MORE)

What bulls do they use for bull riding?

The bulls used are any breed that bucks well. Most rodeo bulls have a Bos Indicus (mostly Brahman) breed infused into the bull. The bulls are determined from a young age wheth (MORE)

What are good bulls for bull riding?

Bulls that are born to buck. The only way you can tell if they're good bucking bulls is if you put them in a round-robin rodeo to test not only the riders, but the bucking abi (MORE)

Is a pit bull a bull dog?

A pit bull is a descendant of a 50/50 cross between an Olde Bulldog and a terrier of unknown variety, most likely an old terrier breed such as the Fox Terrier or Parsons Russe (MORE)

What is a John Bull?

    Answer     john bull is a nickname for england.     Answer     John Bull is an old personifaction of the English national identity. He was (MORE)

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