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Can anyone explain the meaning of the title The Jack Bull a 1999 movie starring John Cusack?

The title is derived from the names of two dog breeds -- Jack Russel and Bulldog. John Cusack's character is said to have the tenacity of a Jack Russel and strength of a bulld (MORE)

Where do bulls sleep?

Anywhere they wish. And they tend to get their deep sleep laying down, not standing up.
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Do the bulls die after the run of the bulls?

Yes, always. But before killing them with a sword, they are punished with a long lance held by a man riding a horse ("picador") and with 6 small lances that get attached to bu (MORE)
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When is running of bulls?

The most famous running of the bulls takes place during the Fiesta de San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain, which begins at noon on 6 July and ends at midnight on the 14th. The Feri (MORE)

Why do bulls have horns?

Not all bulls have horns. But bulls that do have horns use their horns to dominate or intimidate other animals, they do this to people as well. The cow's main purpose of horns (MORE)

What will a bull do if it is angry?

Anger is a human emotion, not an emotion that other animals, like bovines, feel. Bulls are "angry" when they feel they are being challenged by a human they think is another bu (MORE)

What is bull dung?

Bull dung is excrement from the male of the bovine species. Sometimes called cow pies.
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