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What did John C Calhoun do after is vice presidency?

He became a Senator, and defended the rights of states. Also defended the rights of the minority party (pretty much like a modern 'senate minority leader'). and he supported s (MORE)

How did John C Calhoun view slavery?

John C. Calhoun viewed slavery as a good thing. He thought that if  tasks were to be accomplished using slaves, then so be it. His view  was his thinking about the cotton in (MORE)

Was John C Calhoun an abolitionist?

Senator and once Secretary of State John C. Calhoun was an avid  supporter of slavery, especially in the 1830's and 40's, deeming it  a "positive good" (not a "necessary evi (MORE)

Who was John C Calhoun?

South Carolina political figure who was elected to Congress in 1810. He also served as vice president, secretary of state and senator. He was most noted as a defender of state (MORE)

Did john c calhoun want the south to secede?

No, Calhoun was an advocate for the growth and expansion of the Union. He brought back the idea of nullification by a state - of a federal law, following the passage of the Ta (MORE)

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